Speed and Spike Ramps

Our speed ramps our the perfect solution if you are looking to control vehicle speeds within a small area or, if pedestrians also use the area, to limit the risk of an accident occurring between vehicle and pedestrian.

Easily fitted to a variety of surfaces, our speed ramps can be used in a multiple of situations such as car parks, private roads and near schools.

At Unique Gate Solutions we also provide spike ramps. Ideal if you are looking to enforce a one way flow of traffic, our spike ramps prevent unauthorised entry or exit depending on where they are placed. The spikes are lowered by vehicles moving in the permitted direction and are a low maintenance alternative to more obvious barrier systems.

If you are looking to reduce vehicle speeds or enforce a one-way flow of traffic on your land, give us a call so that we can assess your situation and see if our speed and spike ramps are right for you.

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Gate & Barrier Installations


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